Monday, December 3, 2012

The Party Continues- Christmas with Catherine & Dawson, Part 2. Come join us!

Good morning and welcome back to Christmas with Catherine and Dawson. I'm glad you've joined us! The winner of Part 1 has already been randomly selected and notified, as well as announced on the Rafflecopter widget on that giveaway post.

There's a common thread between the holidays and Catherine and Dawson and it's that spirit of belief, in believing that LOVE is the greatest thing of all. It's having faith to see things through and hope that all is not lost. It takes a while for Catherine and Dawson to believe in their love for each other and even then, obstacles being what they are, there are times when it does seem all hope is lost.

It's moments like those in life, that we should really grasp hold of and believe even harder in love and each other. Christmas shouldn't be the only time we believe in the goodness of others or show kindness and gratitude and appreciation. We must think with our heads, but I think we should BELIEVE and love with all our hearts.

Enjoy this time of year and believe in the greatness of others because you might just be the light in the darkness for someone else. Happy Holidays! Now for the best part!

This the 2nd of 3 Christmas with Catherine and Dawson Giveaways. Each contest begins on Monday and end on Sunday between now and the holidays. I will contact the winner for address information and I will ship the prize as soon as I'm able once the contest has ended. 
Pictured above, a Candle holder with candles to "light the way" and a Golden "Believe" tabletop decoration, and 1 SIGNED print copy of Castaway Hearts, bookmark and each of my 4 business cards (for you to keep or give away to others you think might be interested.) I am also including a few "secret Santa" type holiday items as well, but Shhhh.....those are secret, after all!

Please follow the instructions below on the Rafflecopter widget for your chances to win! There are several ways to play. We've enjoyed having you join us!


Kim Reisdorf said...

My husband and I have been together tfor 20 years. Married for 11. We have 2 beautiful boys and WE still love each other the same as when we first met. It hasen't been easy. Hav8ing children is very challenging andit seems a lot of people just give up on their relatioships instead of hanging in there till death due us part. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy holidays.

Unknown said...

I have been married twice (1st one walked away leaving me with the 2 kids). My 2nd Hubby & i have been together for 15 years married for 14 (he did'nt wont me to get away). If u ask my hubby how many kids he says 5, but only 3 r his! We also have 2 grandkids from my eldest daughter! My 2nd hubby i must say is my Soul mate i would be lost with out him, we love the same things , we talk about any & everything & we r now together hand in hand as he goes through some health problems! Enjoy Your Christmas With Your Loved Ones :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Kim and Joanne! Love truly is one of the brightest blessings we can have in our lives.