Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12- Once In a Lifetime #Writerly Wednesday

Today is a once in a lifetime event- 12-12-12. We won't see one again for 100 years, which means, that most of  us won't ever see this again. Perhaps children born in the last few years will, if they live to 100, but the rest of us? Most likely not.

This really makes me stop and wonder how my grandchildren and their kids will live. Will they know who we were? Will they know that grandpa loved video games and movies? That (great, great, etc) Grandma Taryn was a published author? Will anything we know now even still exist or will it all be as retro as vinyl records, 8 Tracks, reel-to-reel movies, Atari and Colecovision are to us?

And what about books? Will print be antiquated- or worse- unheard of? Will Kindles and Nooks and other ereaders still be around or might they be replaced by some other format? Will people still read books or will they get everything from an ear piece or have it transmitted into their thoughts onto their brainwaves?

There's so much more technology nowadays than there was when I was a kid growing up, so who's to say how much change will occur over the next 100 years.

I have a feeling that, so long as there are stories to be told, there will be people to tell them, and people to read them and share them. The ways to read them though might change and who's knows whether our future societies will still read old-fashioned traditional paper books, modern eReaders, or perhaps it will be something so unconventional and unheard of that I can't wrap my mind around it yet.

I'd like to believe that my stories will still be out there and that someone will read them, and enjoy them, even then. Wouldn't that be something?

That also makes me wonder if this blog will still be around. If what "they" say is true-

Fame is fleeting, but the internet is forever..." Phineas and Ferb

Then it would amazing to think someone might stumble across this blog post on December 12, 2112. (Wow- look at how that would look in digits only 12-12-2112.) Why, Hello there!

Hope you have a wonderful Once in a Lifetime today and enjoy it to the fullest!

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