Saturday, December 29, 2012

SCENTsational Saturdays- New Year's Traditions

Most everyone I know has a "traditional" New Year's meal that they partake of. Much to my husband's dismay, mine is cooked cabbage and cornbread with a side of black-eyed peas. Mostly it's because he can't stand the smell of cabbage cooking in the house because it does have a gaseous odor.

For me though, it represents the idea of bringing good fortune in the coming year- as for me, my tradition is cabbage to bring "cabbage"- moo-la, green. I suppose I could do it in the form of coleslaw, but it just doesn't seem as traditional to me (and hubby still wouldn't eat it because he doesn't like cabbage in any form.)

My daughter and I though, will be eating cooked cabbage and this year I'm putting a new spin on it by cooking it with smoked sausage in it- a new favorite we tried during one of our trips up to visit my parents this past year.
Of course, cabbage wouldn't be the same without homemade cornbread and the black-eyed peas, we eat for good health, as I've always heard that you'll have 1 good day of health for every black-eyed pea you eat on New Year's. I plan to eat a large bowl, as I did last year. I had a rather good year of health in 2012- even with the "almost" sore throat I had just before Christmas. (Listerine/peroxide gargle, warm salt water gargle, a couple of Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus & a few Dill Pickle Spears fixed me right up.)

What are some of YOUR New Year's traditional foods? Do you eat certain things to ward off illness, to bring good fortune? Please share- I'd love to hear about it!

Here's to my last SCENTsational Saturday! Hope you have a wonderful day and tune in next Saturday when I start my "The Way to a Man's Heart" Recipe blog each Saturday!

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Michael Embry said...

I've always enjoyed black-eyed peas to start the new year. It was something that was told to me by my grandparents. I hope you have a great year!