Sunday, December 9, 2012

Taryn Raye's #sixsunday- A Shocking Revelation

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Welcome Sixers! As this upcoming week gets underway, I have two birthdays to plan for, a night out to look at Christmas lights, as well a family get-together on my husband's side of the family next weekend, so it's going to be a busy, busy week. I've got one who'll be turning 14, my stepson, and then our daughter will be 10, a big ol' decade old. Where has the time gone? I mean, really? Seems just like the other day I brought her home, this tiny helpless thing bundled in she tackles me for a hug and nearly knocks the breath out of me and I love her for it.
As always, for those who might not know here's what 6 Sentence Sunday is all about-

Pick six (6) sentences from anything you like (it can be from a Work in Progress (WiP), something you recently sold, something you hope to sell or even something already under contract and available for purchase – and don’t worry, Six Sentence Sunday is for published AND unpublished writers). Then post them on your blog on Sunday. That’s all there is to it!

You can add yours link to their official list by signing up before midnight the Saturday beforehand, but for any who are familiar with it, you probably already know they will be shutting down soon and there will be no more Six Sentence Sundays. That's not to say I won't still continue to share a little something on Sundays and I'm thinking seriously of just changing it up a little and calling it Sexy Snippit Sundays, or something like that.

Heading back into my currently unpublished contemporary romance, Love by Design, we'll still pick up somewhat were we left off and it's a bit of a smoldering hot one that seems to be heating up some more...

Heat twisted through her abdomen and staked itself at the juncture between her thighs. What a shocking revelation.

Derrek’s lips hovered over hers, and then trailed a path down her neck until he found his way to her earlobe. He nipped and nibbled at her ear, his mouth and tongue backtracking to her lips once again. A moan escaped from deep in her throat as his lips captured hers. Another bolt of desire shot downward, setting off a throb that radiated to every fine nerve ending in her body.

If you missed previous Six Sunday posts from Love by Design and would like to check them out, look at the top of the page in my pink tabs for SSS Posts where you can easily find links to each previous post.   


Amy said...

Zing! Intense, emotional, and hot! :)
Amy Durham

Unknown said...

That image... "Staked itself in the juncture of her thighs" is powerful.

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy & Paloma!