Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Freebits LOVE BY DESIGN If Music Be the Food of Love #PlayOn #frifreebits #excerpt

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Music is a great ice breaker and often times when you find you have similar musical tastes as new friends or acquaintances, it makes opening up that much easier! Have you ever made a new friend simply because of a shared musical interest?

“I’ve never seen so much older music in one place before.” Jasmine gasped and let go of his hand. She hurried over to thumb through the old vinyl records as if he had dropped her on a treasure island.

She made her way around to the CDs and scanned through the titles, pulling one or two from the rack but then depositing them again in their slots.

“Finding anything you’d like?” he asked over her shoulder, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her perfume. His heart thudded against his chest. She was most beautiful when she relaxed and enjoyed herself.

“Not yet.”

Soon enough, she found five marked down CDs and took them to the counter. Derrek stood nearby and pulled out his wallet.

“Put that away. You’re not paying for my purchases.”
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