Saturday, December 22, 2012

Through the Years- "Love" Me Some Fragrance

Love's didn't just have the classic Baby Soft, which I loved (and got for my 10 year old for one of her stocking stuffers this year) but they also produced a few other scents in a variety gift set I got one year for Christmas from my parents.

My favorite of the bunch was the Gentle Musk, which I'm pretty sure they no longer sell, but you can still purchase the others. The Fresh Lemon was crisp and tangy, the Soft Jasmin, soft and sensual. It seems the Rain Scent was my least favorite, but mostly because it just wasn't "me."

All the scents in the Love's collection were soft and fun, youthful and I hope my daughter is going to enjoy the Baby Soft enough to enjoy the others in the years to come, the way I fondly remember opening them on Christmas morning.

The was something really special, almost magical, about tearing back the wrapping paper and discovering those sweet little bottles, sparkling behind the cellophane where they nestled snugly in their plastic insert bedding. Their soft pastel caps and colorful liquid, inspiring the warmth of excitement in having so many choices of fragrances to choose from. There is something romantic about it. I remember how I would slide the insert out and gingerly pop the bottles from it, taking a moment to savor each scent, still uncertain which one I would wear first.

A bottle of perfume that means something, that inspires a memory or makes you feel good about yourself, that makes you feel sensual or romantic is definitely worth cherishing, enjoying and reminiscing over.

This close to the holidays, I'll have posts going up on some days, but I may not be around much to check in, so I will leave you with this-

To your and yours from me and mine-
I hope you have a SCENTsational Saturday
and a WONDERFUL Christmas with your family and friends.

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