Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Annoying is THAT?

I got to "The End" on the edits last night and I'm still shy on page count and word count...I need about 20 more pages, so today's journey is leading me back to the beginning with the purpose of traveling the road again, figuring out how to break up chapters that ended up WAY too long, therefore cutting my chapters down as well. I'm also trying to figure out HOW to fit an extra chapter in there. Woohoo! How annoying is THAT?

Actually it's not- I'm just glad I made it through the first round of edits and have a clearer idea of where I'm heading now. I didn't get much added yesterday, but that's okay.
I'm off to get in gear and knock this one out of the way.
Oh- The sweet ice tea with lemon?? I was playing around with Paint Shop Pro this morning and I guess I had tea on my mind- I've been trying to create my own clipart to use because I have no idea what's out there that I can or cannot use on my blog, so if I mouse-draw it myself, I suppose I have every right to use it, right? It'll take a while for me to get used to drawing on the far the few I've made are just kind of sloppy and not all that great, but they'll serve their purpose. Hehe!
I raise my glass to you. May everyone have a wonderful day!


Magdalena Scott said...

I hope your writing day went well, Taryn.

Thanks for the sweet tea.

Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, love the iced tea art! Just want to reassure you that many of the pics you find on the net are pretty much free usage. The ones that aren't will usually say they're protected by copyright. When I run onto those, I pass them over and look for something else.

I wish I could work through a ms. as quickly as you do. You go, girl!

Unknown said...

Thanks Magdalena & Devon. It went all right. I found a nice spot for an extra chapter, but it's slow going to get it written. Even yesterday it seemed I typed and typed but was still on the same page! Haha!

I wasn't piddling or fiddlefarting...I guess I was lollygagging.

Devon I don't know if I'd call it working through the ms. quickly or not. Seems like it takes me forever amidst all the distraction around me, but thank you!