Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peace and Quiet

I may finally have some peace and quiet today. We had a long weekend- 3 days and even though I mostly only did housework, revisions/edits and watched movies, it still seemed like a LONG 3 days.

Now is the time to close eyes and take a deep breath.

Ahh.....that feels better...Can you see how relaxed I am?

Since Friday I added around 6,300 words to the current edits of LBC.
That's a great feeling and my word counter on here makes me smile- only about 10% more to go. Of course, if I hit 400 pages, I'll probably find a good stopping point there unless there's more to add to the story. The next round of edits will take care of the excess, fingers crossed.

The television is off, my writing playlist is up and it's quiet....just wonderful. I'm ready to dig into more edits this morning.

May everyone have a peaceful morning, whether you're writing or not.

Another deep breath and I'm out!


Devon Matthews said...

Sounds like you're off to a great start. Have a good day! :o)

JM Madden said...

Good luck writing. Seems like every time I sit down, the phone rings, or the dog's scratching at the door.
Then it seems like my computer is especially slow today. I've restarted it once already.
Cherish your writing time.

Magdalena Scott said...


I wanna be you today.