Friday, February 27, 2009

Flames of Love

Thought I would do things a little different today- I did add about 2,500 to my revisions yesterday, but it's been a long week with little to say. I think my brain has zoned out on me this week.

So today I'll entertain you with a little poetry on the fly, a little something I just made up to try to get the juices flowing again so I can get back to revisions.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Flames of Love

Born from a spark, it grew outward
Cast light into the ebony darkness
And found me
Friendship blossomed much deeper
~Into Love~
Hold tight, little flame
The winds of time shall attempt to alter
The emotion kindled deep within
So shimmer and dance and grow
And shiver at Love's sweet caress
And the intimacy of a yearning kiss
Illuminate the distant shadows
So that I shall follow where you lead
Remind me of all that is good
And temper my soul with your softness
Lift me up on wings of joy
Bathe me in the light and warmth
Of kindness and passion
Embrace me in the flames of Love
Where the heart knows no boundaries
Where Love exists forever after
It has no dying embers
But flickers with Love's eternal glow

~taryn raye


Magdalena Scott said...

You wrote this poem "on the fly"?

Wow--it's lovely!

Happy weekend, Taryn!

Unknown said...

Thank you! (It made poem #188 when I went to add it to my poetry collection.) I used to spend a LOT of time writing poetry when I was younger. ;o)

Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, that's beautiful! Truly beautiful. Have you ever entered any poetry contests?

Unknown said...

Devon- thank you.

Poetry contests are a whole other ballpark. I used to enter them, but that was when I was much younger and more naive. There were a lot of places that claimed I won a slot in a poetry anthology, but I didn't win the grand prize by any means and I would have to purchase the book in order to insure I would be published in it.

In fact, I am published in an anthology- thanks to an ex and his mother, who insisted they BUY me the anthology I was supposedly going to be in. After it was all said and done, I started learning a bit more about poetry contests like that one and found out it was a vanity one- you enter the contest, they tell you they want to publish you- but you have to buy the book. Not all of them are like that, so I shied away from entering more contests since then.

Years later, I searched online about that company and learned they had filed bankruptcy and had come under fire for taking money and not producing the product. A lot of people got scammed into believing they would be published for their poetry.

I do have a poetry showcase on and I used to frequent a forum community for poets to post their work and view others. Haven't been on there in a long time because poetry comes so far and few between for me anymore.