Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tyler Perry Doesn't Disappoint

This might seem slightly off the topic of writing and romance, but in all honesty, it isn't. It's about the heart.

Tyler Perry has a wonderful way with storytelling that inspires me to write my novels the way he writes his movies. They aren't just romance- no- not really- but they are truly about family, friends and love- in all its glorious forms. They are about hope and faith and finding the strength to go on, even when life seems to be dishing it out in the worst possible way. He weaves beauty and clarity into each story that rouses all emotions. I find myself laughing and crying, feeling the built up anger when the cards are stacked against the characters who don't deserve the hell they have to deal with, the betrayal and hardships. I feel the desire to see justice and love prevail. They aren't just randomly thrown together ideas- they have plot and direction and climax and conclusion. And they leave me anticipating what other stories he has to tell.

My introduction to his movies was Diary of a Mad Black Woman and it stirred so much anger and resent- I wanted to see the husband get his just deserves, but I also wanted to see the young woman grow and learn and let go of the anger and find a love that TRULY saw her heart- and she did. It finally clicked. I laughed and bawled through the entire movie and well, his character of Madea had a lot to do with that. I don't see Tyler when he's Madea...No- I see MADEA. And she don't take nothing off no one. She embodies strength and good common sense as the family matriarch.

Of course, Madea's not always in all the movies. She was in Madea's Family Reunion, of course, but the main story centered around one of her nieces' impending marriage to a very eligible bachelor who is abusive and the possibility of her finding love that would treat her right. Big pot of grits! I just love that!

But then there was Daddy's Little Girls, Why Did I Get Married, Meet the Browns and most recent that I watched last night- The Family That Preys. All are amazing and well told.

I'm looking forward to Madea Goes To Jail which comes to theaters soon. I'm sure it won't disappoint either.
So where am I going with this? Why do I just love Tyler Perry's movies/stories so much?

Because of his storytelling genius and though I don't watch the television shows based on his plays, I do enjoy his movies thoroughly. He hasn't disappointed me yet and his stories really stick. They are filled with so much emotion and truth and love. That's something I want my novels to do. I want them to "stick" with the reader and inspire them the way I am inspired by his work, though they aren't necessarily straight romances or even novels. They still move me and make me long to write like that.


Devon Matthews said...

Well, goodness, Taryn. I hate to admit it but I haven't seen any of the movies you listed. And I was nearly to the end of the post before I placed them and it clicked. I remember seeing the ad on tv recently. Isn't Medea the character of a middle-aged woman played by a man?

Writing something that touches the heart and soul of the reader is the goal of most writers (I think). So we keep plugging. If you can write something that wrenches that kind of emotion from deep within yourself, then I think you're on the right track. But isn't it awful when you can't seem to get inside a character's head or heart and it all comes out as surface stuff? That's the problem I'm facing right now. I blame it on all the distraction around me. I used to write late into the wee hours for that reason--no distractions at all. But these days, by the time everyone's tucked in, I'm exhausted and pretty much brain dead. Getting older is not fun. ;o)

Unknown said...

Yep, Tyler Perry plays Madea, who if I'm not mistaken- he based on one of his aunts, as well as his mother.

It is awful when you can't get to the "heart of the matter" with characters.

I hope the distractions settle around you and you're able to scratch the surface and dig deep.