Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look Deeper

I started the run through on manuscript #3 yesterday. Added a few words/sentences here and there, but I've yet to find a good jumping off point to actually add a lot more.

It's time to look deeper.

Originally I had a hard time getting my heroine to open up because I put her in a nasty situation and she hated me for it. She fought me tooth and nail and though it was a hard novel to write because of her stubborness, she eventually came around, let her guard down and opened up. A little. But again- it's time to look deeper.

Deeper into her psyche and her life. Deeper into the pain and recovery. It's time to peel back more layers of the character because she didn't open up completely and I know that. I gave her space- perhaps too much space- but now it's time to make her show me the rest of what she wouldn't before.

Just a matter of buttering her up. ;o)


Devon Matthews said...

Best of luck! Characters usually don't give up their secrets easily. Keep digging. She'll crack eventually. ;o)

Magdalena Scott said...

Taryn, I have every confidence that you'll get the heroine to see things your way...eventually.

Have a great writing day!