Excerpts & Snippits

Have you missed out on some of my old Six Sentence Sunday posts or other Sunday Snippits?

Here you will find links to easily discover my previous excerpt posts. Hope you enjoy!

These are listed from newest to oldest.

Castaway Hearts Sunday Snippits
You have no right, Catherine..
Sensuality so fluid...
Far more than a figment of his imagination
A mermaid?
Don't dwell on this waif.
He forgot how a woman deep in love looked..
Now she felt free.
Handsome and she hated him for it.
Marriage isn't the obvious conclusion...
Fire and Ice in her eyes...
She was a beauty all right.
Castaway Hearts

Love by DesignSunday Snippits
You don't think THAT'S bad?
So are you ready to see this?
Sure you don't want to stay?
You aren't going to stick around?
We can't keep doing this
Don't leave yet
She was the perfect fit
Keep your hands to yourself
So much has changed...
Still of the night
You do want me, don't you?
Painted on Jeans
Smudged Lipstick
Pull It Together

(Old Six Sentence Sunday excerpts)
She's Sweet....
It's Still Just Me....
Take My Breath Away
Don't. Go. Anywhere.
Ringing in Her Ears
A Shocking Revelation
What are you doing?
Not so fast you little pixie...
Shades of Blue
If I had a girlfriend...
Kiss her you fool!
Those Lips
Golden Flecks
What is it you've got against me?
I overslept...
A Touch of the Unfamiliar
Enter the Ex
Smells Like Freedom
Plastic and Fluff
Led Astray
The Wonderful Wizard of...
Smiling Back
That Girl is a Hot Mess!
Overzealous Puppy

From one of my other finished manuscripts in the other continuing Pryce of Love Series-
Perfect Recipe for Love-
Sunni Gives It Some Thought...
Ample Distraction