Sunday, March 10, 2013

Taryn's Snippit Sundays~ Still of the night... #excerpt

The rousing game of pool Derrek and Jasmine were enjoying ended on a quiet note....

As Derrek dropped the eight ball in the pocket, finishing the game, he swiveled on his heel and pumped his fist in the air. Intending to brag about his victory, he was disappointed to discover Jasmine lying on her side snuggled down on his pillow. Her eyes were closed and her breathing steady.
Derrek gathered the cue sticks in the stillness and put them away. He hated to wake her up. They would have a lot to do over the next week before they headed out to Indiana. For one thing, he would have to call the airport in the morning to exchange his single one-way ticket for two for the following week.
Fatigue swept through him. Jasmine would pitch a fit to wake up beside him, but he had no other bed in the house. He flipped the latches on the futon and shifted it until it lay as a flat bed.

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