Sunday, July 1, 2012

#SixSunday Six Sentence Sunday- Overzealous Puppy

Good Morning Sixers!

Well, since I finished the WIP last week, and as I haven't started a new one yet, today I'll share a 6 sentence from the first story in my Love By Series, Love by Design, as I will be getting back to edits on it as well as starting the new WIP soon after my mini-vacay in my hometown is over.

This is the 1st 4-book series I have and the one I am seriously considering self-pubbing.

Here's the blurb-

Love by Design

Jasmine Galloway sees beauty in all things but it’s not a thing of beauty when she meets Derrek Martin, a shallow, arrogant playboy celebrity. When her sister Juniper, a blockbuster actress, recommends her interior design business, Décor Dreams, to Derrek, it’s sure to be a disaster. Jasmine is uncertain she can hold her tongue and get the job done, but she takes it, never one to let her opinions of others stand in the way of professional success and she’s not about to let some pretty boy win her over whose ego is as big as his blockbuster movies. It isn’t long before Derrek’s gentle, affectionate manner and country boy charm gets the better of her. She curses herself for allowing the tabloid fodder to contaminate her impression of a man who might well put his designs on her heart.

Derrek Martin counts himself lucky his acting career took off shortly after his arrival in California. Even more since his parents’ deaths left him the guardian of his little sister. The new house is nice, but it needs a woman’s touch before he brings Paige out from Indiana to live with him. He knows his reputation in the tabloids depicts him far from who he really is, but he has never met with a more chilly reception than the moment he meets Jasmine Galloway, Interior Designer to the Stars. He’s sure she has read everything bad ever published about him and disregards all the good. His private life is simply that, private. Derrek intends to keep it that way—until he meets Jasmine.

When we meet Jasmine at the beginning, she's talking with her friend and business partner, Simone about the date she had the night before, a date with a wannabe actor-

She enjoyed the meal, but the conversation was far from fascinating. It grew more apparent, he was self-centered and interested in talking about himself. Afterward, when he walked her to the door of her apartment, he ended their lackluster evening with a sloppy kiss and a jackhammer tongue that turned her off right away.
“It wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t been a twenty-nine year old man with the kissing expertise of an adolescent boy.” Jasmine shuddered. “Or an overzealous puppy…”

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