Sunday, August 4, 2013

Taryn's Snippit Sundays~ #excerpt Sensuality so fluid...CASTAWAY HEARTS

     Gone was the prim and proper young woman from earlier in the evening. The stiffness in her before had given way to a sensuality so fluid he could feel it in the air and her movements. Her body tempted him like a waking dream, as she blew in on the breeze, wild and free. It reminded him of desires he had not visited in years.
     In the moon’s glow, milky skinned and delicate, Catherine was oblivious that anyone watched her dance of free-spirited joy.
     Dawson’s blood pounded in his veins the longer he spied on the young minx.
     Those supple curves had crossed his mind earlier in the evening, those swells and dips along her edges made his fingers itch and his manhood betray him in the most uncomfortable way.
     His brother’s words taunted him. He might find someone else…it flickered through his mind in disdainful amusement.
     Gall burned through him—for his body betrayed him in that instance.
     He caught his breath and turned one last hungry gaze toward her before he rode off in the other direction.
     Then he gave Gypsy full rein to slice through the night as she carried him away from a temptation that would burn him if he didn’t get as far away as possible.

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