Sunday, January 13, 2013

Take My Breath Away Six Sentence Sunday #SixSunday

As always, for those who might not know here's what 6 Sentence Sunday is all about-

Pick six (6) sentences from anything you like (it can be from a Work in Progress (WiP), something you recently sold, something you hope to sell or even something already under contract and available for purchase – and don’t worry, Six Sentence Sunday is for published AND unpublished writers). Then post them on your blog on Sunday. That’s all there is to it!

You can add yours link to their official list by signing up before midnight the Saturday beforehand, but for any who are familiar with it, you probably already know they will be shutting down soon and there will be no more Six Sentence Sundays. The last SSS is January 27, 2013.

I probably will continue to share on Sundays and title it Snippit Sundays and leave the "snippit" length at my discretion.

As I missed the first Sunday this month, I figured I'd skip ahead from where I left off in Love By Design to when Derrek is about to pick up Jasmine for their "date" to her sister Juniper's movie premiere at Grauman's and meets Jasmine's downstairs neighbor, the sweet little grandmotherly Ester, aka, Essie.

“Oh, yes, that’s this evening. Jasmine came home earlier with a dress bag and a box with high heels in it. She showed me.” Ester pressed her hand to her chest, her face beaming with pride like a mother or grandmother. “So beautiful, she’ll take your breath away.”
“She takes my breath away every time I see her, Ester.”
If you missed previous Six Sunday posts from Love by Design and would like to check them out, look at the top of the page in my pink tabs for SSS Posts where you can easily find links to each previous post.