Sunday, April 7, 2013

Taryn's Snippit Sundays~ Don't leave yet... #excerpt

“Don’t leave yet,” Derrek murmured into her hair, his arm tightening around her waist.
“I’m not leaving. I have to use the bathroom.” She whispered.
Derrek released his hold on her, but let his hand slide over her hip. His touch was light on her skin, but heavy with unspoken desire. Her heart thumped out a heavy beat as his sensuality overpowered her senses.
“Come back and lay down with me,” he said when she returned.
“I would, but if we’re going to get anything done before next week’s trip, I need to go home and get my appointment folder, change my clothes and then get back here so we can get more done. It’s already seven in the morning.”

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