Sunday, February 17, 2013

Taryn's Snippit Sundays~ Smudged Lipstick #excerpt #WIP #snippit

Sometimes the evidence is just right there in plain sight.

When at last they entered the building, she saw average people lined up to get their tickets, but she allowed Derrek to lead the way to their seats.

“Jazzy!” She turned to see Juni strutting toward her in her silvery swath, her friend, and fellow actor, Remington Patrick following close behind. “I’m so glad you made it. You should always be sitting with me instead of hiding out, mixing in with the crowd.”

Her sister tugged her away from Derrek and left him to chat with Remy. “Don’t worry Derrek, she’ll be with me.”

Juni winked his way and dragged Jasmine back out into the hall and to the ladies’ room. After checking to make sure there weren’t too many others in the room, she turned and looked at herself in the mirror, twisting one of her wayward curls back into place and meeting Jasmine’s eyes in the reflection.

“You look good on his arm, you know.”

“Juni, don’t start this. I told you earlier today that just because I came here with him doesn’t mean I’m dating him.”

“It doesn’t matter, Jasmine. The world believes you’re his new love interest now, or they will soon. I think the man has a thing for you though, but still. Be careful.”

“What happened to you trying to set me up with him?” Jasmine insisted. Still she couldn’t meet her sister’s eyes when she said, “I’m being careful.”

Juni leaned over and dabbed at the corner of Jasmine’s mouth with a tissue.

“If you were being careful, Jazzy, your lipstick wouldn’t be smudged.”

Her sister gave her a wink. Jasmine gasped and turned to the mirror to inspect her mouth for herself. Sure enough, even though Derrek’s kiss had been feathery, it had smeared her lipstick ever so slight.

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