Sunday, March 17, 2013

Taryn's Snippit Sundays~ So much has changed... #excerpt

The motion didn’t even disturb her slumber.
Derrek threw a blanket over Jasmine and turned out most of the lights, other than the halogen lamp near the end of the futon. Instead, he dimmed the lighting in case she awoke startled to find she wasn’t in her own bed at home.
He slipped under the remaining bit of throw blanket and stretched his body out. Derrek locked his fingers behind his head and stared at the ceiling, in shock and wonder at the quiet surrounding them.
The situation taunted him.
If I had a girlfriend living with me, she wouldn’t be sleeping in a separate bed on a different floor. She’d be in my bed, in my arms.
Derrek wanted to laugh aloud at how much things had changed in a few days time. He never imagined Jasmine would be asleep beside him in this house.

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