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#sixsunday- Enter the Ex Plus Book Trailer up on Menagerie Authors Blog

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Welcome Sixers! Can you believe it's already Labor Day weekend? Where has this year gone? (I'm higher up on the list this week at the official SSS site. #92)

For those who might not know here's what 6 Sentence Sunday is all about-
Pick six (6) sentences from anything you like (it can be from a Work in Progress (WiP), something you recently sold, something you hope to sell or even something already under contract and available for purchase – and don’t worry, Six Sentence Sunday is for published AND unpublished writers). Then post them on your blog on Sunday. That’s all there is to it!
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Today, we're heading back into—

Love by Design

Jasmine Galloway sees beauty in all things but it’s not a thing of beauty when she meets Derrek Martin, a shallow, arrogant playboy celebrity. When her sister Juniper, a blockbuster actress, recommends her interior design business, Décor Dreams, to Derrek, it’s sure to be a disaster. Jasmine is uncertain she can hold her tongue and get the job done, but she takes it, never one to let her opinions of others stand in the way of professional success and she’s not about to let some pretty boy win her over whose ego is as big as his blockbuster movies. It isn’t long before Derrek’s gentle, affectionate manner and country boy charm gets the better of her. She curses herself for allowing the tabloid fodder to contaminate her impression of a man who might well put his designs on her heart.

Derrek Martin counts himself lucky his acting career took off shortly after his arrival in California. Even more since his parents’ deaths left him the guardian of his little sister. The new house is nice, but it needs a woman’s touch before he brings Paige out from Indiana to live with him. He knows his reputation in the tabloids depicts him far from who he really is, but he has never met with a more chilly reception than the moment he meets Jasmine Galloway, Interior Designer to the Stars. He’s sure she has read everything bad ever published about him and disregards all the good. His private life is simply that, private. Derrek intends to keep it that way—until he meets Jasmine.

Her blatant dislike for him pushes a button no one else ever has and Derrek finds he’s desperate to prove that he isn’t what the tabloids make him out to be. More than that, he’s determined to make her his leading lady, but will an ex with a secret steal the spotlight away?
Today we're catching up with Jasmine, who has just arrived home to her apartment when she's stopped by her downstairs neighbor, Ester, who loves to keep her up-to-date on all the celebrity gossip and news. This new tidbit might open a whole new can of worms Jasmine wasn't expecting when she took on the decorating job for Derrek.

“Oh, that Tuesday Barrington is out of rehab.” Essie’s eyes sparkled over the news of the troubled actress. “There’s talk she’s going to be hosting that late night skit show and then doing some television cameos.”
“Really?” Jasmine’s stomach knotted up. So Derrek Martin’s drug addict ex was out for good behavior and trying to make a comeback.
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I'm also featured today over on Menagerie Authors Sunday Book Videos blog and I'd love it if you'd come check out the book trailer for my current release, Castaway Hearts.


Cherie Marks said...

Uh,oh! Here comes trouble. Great conflict. Great six!

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Such a tangled web! Love this premise!

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Thanks ladies! Glad you stopped by!