Monday, March 3, 2008

Time Away

I took time for my brain to have a break from writing over this past weekend. My head hasn't been in the right place for it and as I mentioned in the previous blog, there was just too much distraction.

Instead I read when I wasn't doing something around the house. I hated to pull myself away, but I think I went straight from one novel into the other and didn't give myself time to really "take a break." Not to mention that the short time we got out and went to Wal-Mart and I got away from the house for a bit helped me. The only place I usually go during the week is the grocery on Fridays, so it was nice to go somewhere different, that I hadn't been in quite some time.

And while there, I was able to get more printer paper and ink, which I was needing. My daughter tends to use my printer paper for artsy stuff. She likes to draw illustrations and then have me spell out the words for her "stories." LOL (Like mother like daughter- though I don't draw pictures for my stories except with words. HAHA!)

I have things around the house weighing on my mind this morning. Laundry and dishes...but I don't think that stuff ever goes away. Over the weekend I just took it easy and before we came home Saturday afternoon we stopped and rented some movies, so that gave me a break too since we hadn't rented anything in a long time.

Saturday afternoon we watched The Game Plan with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in it and it was a very cute movie. That night we watched The Jane Austen Book Club and I enjoyed that, but it has also inspired me to read all six books. I think of the six I've read 2, but I have a beautiful 3 volume set and brought them out of the other bookcase in the bedroom and put them on my TBR bookcase in the living room as a reminder to myself that it's also something I have aspired to do for a long time- read ALL of them because I know the movies(which I LOVE) give only a glimpse into the stories and some are altered a bit.

Sunday we watched Becoming Jane, so I got a large dose of Jane Austen all weekend and it makes me want to learn more about her as well since I'm fairly certain that some of the things in the movie were assumptions about her life and love because there are things they couldn't possibly know. I might have to find myself a research book about her life.

Also over the weekend I started and finished reading one of my TBR books and I've started reading another, though I might have to put it off if I can get my head back into my own novel. When the writing bug bites, I have to go with it more than reading. That's just all there is to that.

We'll see how things go though. Hopefully I can get back to work after a nice little weekend away.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Devon Matthews said...

Missed you over the weekend, but it's good to take a break sometimes. Figured you were busy with writing, or house and family. :o)