Thursday, March 6, 2008

20K- Here I come(finally!) LOL

I'm on my way.....

Yesterday I taped a lined notepad post-it in bright green to the top of my computer directly in front me with my goal word counts on it. I folded it back and forth like a paper fan so that I can cut away each piece as I make my goals. Right now I'm staring at *Goal- 20,000 and I'm less than 1,500 away from that now.

I've set myself a goal for every 10k up to 60k and then THE END- which will depend on how much further I need to go after the 60k mark. I thought it might help to hold myself accountable by being reminded of where I am and where I'm headed.

I feel good though because yesterday I did write almost 2,500 wds. A needed improvement and a burst of confidence to see my count back up.

I'm off- need to get some writing done today and keep up the flow.

Best Writing Wishes!

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Devon Matthews said...

Wow! You're smokin'! Good for you! :o)