Monday, March 24, 2008

Holiday Recovery

Today is the day to recooperate from the long holiday weekend. I love holidays because they are a time to gather with family, friends and good food. It's also a time of stress and the go-go-go mentality. I feel like I've been going nonstop since Thursday and I am WORE OUT! haha!

But I also have my novel to think of, which I haven't worked on since Thursday either because there was just too much going on.

My daughter won a door prize from the registration- a sand bucket full of goodies. They called us Friday morning from the school and told us to come by get her prize.

Saturday was spent in and out of hubby's mom's house, amongst the crowd of family and friends and food and kids galore. We ate delicious homemade foods--gosh...someone made some homemade cornbread stuffing and it was SO good. And then there was banana pudding, chocolate pie and butterscotch pie- all from scratch and topped with merigue. Yummy!

We came home shortly after the egg hunt and I crashed on the couch, not meaning to. Yesterday my parents and sister were here and we had a nice time and relaxed and enjoyed lunch and hanging out together.

Amidst all this, I had no time for writing and so today I'm going to relax more and try to get as much written as I can to get back into the groove. I think the day AFTER a big holiday weekend should be a day off too. I'm EXHAUSTED!

Have a good day...I'm off to write.

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