Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Weekend

I didn't actually get much written yesterday. About 800 words, but I was taking my leisure. I watched one of my favorite movies.

I got the menu for Easter Sunday talked through with my mom, so we were straight on who was making what.

The registration went fine, though I found myself tearing up in the car afterwards while hubby went to get me some Chinese and him some Mexican, before we picked girlie girl up from the grandparents'.

We have to take her next Friday morning for the screening for kindergarten and then we've also got to take her for immunization, a physical, an eye exam, etc. etc.

This morning I FINALLY got the bank book balance...I was off by a small amount, but for me, it was a LOT off...even a penny off throws me into a panic. Drives me batty...well, I finally found where it was..something I had meant to deduct, but forgot about. Shew!

Now I'm getting the weekly menu figured up and the grocery list.

I suppose, for humor sakes, I could tell this story on myself. I went out to check the mail late in the day last week. Our mailbox is up from our house and across the road. As I drew near, I saw what looked like a dead turkey laying near the mailbox. Mind you, that wouldn't be impossible because last spring or summer I was out in the yard with my daughter and a turkey flew out of a tree across the road and went right over my head down over our yard and landed in a tree behind our property.

This "dead" turkey was stiff, not moving and my heart started racing because it looked scary and I wasn't sure if it was certainly dead or not. But, as I crossed the road, I could see a hole ripped in it's belly, but it looked shredded like plastic. I got to the mailbox and looked. It was hollow inside and it had a company name branded on it's bottom.

I guess where the winds had been up a LOT here lately, it had blown someone's lawn ornament or target practice turkey over here. LOL

Still, that was pretty scary to see what appeared to be a huge dead turkey laying near the mailbox. I can't help but smile at the thought of it now. Haha!

Well, if I don't post much over this busy busy weekend, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter with family and friends and good food.

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