Monday, March 31, 2008

Gosh...Has It Been Almost a Week?

I didn't realize I hadn't posted a blog since last

Wednesday hubby was off and we went to get the plastic totes to start organizing all our junk. Thursday I wrote for a little bit..right at 1,200 wds. Friday we took daughter for her kindergarten screening and she did amazing. The woman who went over the testing teased that all the teachers would be fighting over who would get to have her in their class. Quite a bit of it she did as well as a 6 year old. I'm one proud momma.

Then Saturday we started bright and early with moving the stuff from the spare room to the living room so we could then move my stepson's things from his room to the spare room and then daughter's stuff to her brother's old room and then the stuff from the living room to her old room. Insanely confusing? YES. Incredibly exhausting--ABSOLUTELY.

Every bone, muscle, joint, and nerve in my body ached by the time we finished up around 4PM that afternoon. Body parts tried to give out on me- one of my pinkies kept locking up on me(you know that weird sensation you get if you hit your funny bone? Well, I kept getting it in my pinky), my knee buckled and my back stoved up, which leads me to remember that I'm young, but I'm far too immobile. I lay around the rest of the evening with a heated rice pack on my back.

I did laundry the rest of Saturday evening and all day yesterday. I've got two last loads in the washer and dryer, but now I've got more "magically" dirty clothes in the hamper this morning! LOL

Hubby did do the dirty dishes for me yesterday while he was fixing cavatini for lunch.

It was sometime yesterday afternoon that I realized I hadn't written anything since Thursday and even then I couldn't remember where I left off. My brain flatlined on the story and the idea of writing, but last night I opened my file and did write almost 1000 I can't complain too much. I'm not sure I'll get this novel done before I go to visit my family though. I'll be going up this coming weekend. That only gives me a few days to finish 'er up! LOL

Now, it would've been sweet if I had a laptop I could take with me so I could work on my novel in between visiting and whatnot, but I won't be getting that until later this year. Hubby wants a Playstation 3, so he asked if I would want a laptap this year as our anniversary/Christmas presents rolled into one. That works for me. ;o)

Anyway...I'm off and gone to pull up my file and see how much I can get done today...though I'd much rather take a nap! LOL

Happy Writing!


Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, I'm very happy to see a new post from you. For a while, I was afraid all the naysayers had decided you not to blog anymore. I missed you. :o)

Taryn Raye said...

Nope, not that at all. Just been crazy busy. Hubby had a wild hair to get the rooms moved around and though we'd been talking about it, I only had about a week's notice before I realized that it was a go and the next thing I know I'm decluttering, organizing and moving furniture all over the house! LOL

Missed you too!