Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy Wednesday

By the time I went to bed last night, I was reluctantly satisfied with my word. I wrote 1,125 wds. That's better than 300. Not as much as I would like to write in a day, but "that'll do pig, that'll do." (To be honest- not sure why I'm quoting Babe- a movie I'm not all that fond of. LOL)

Yesterday was a good day though. We got over the hump and I did get some written, we had pizza burgers for supper, played Candyland for our daughter's sake but then also played a round of Yahtzee, which the kids loved, though my five year old daughter went crazy with the cup and tossing the dice all over the table and onto the floor. Every time she'd go for a certain number on the dice she'd say "Oh, come on 1's (or 2's or whichever)! Yeah Baby!" I swear it was like being at the table with Austin Powers- yet another movie I'm not fond of! LOL

My 9 year old stepson is dealing with nightmares and fears. He's being bullied at school and on the bus and I feel helpless to help him. We've given him advice about the bullies-We told him not to interact with the ones who are doing it. Ignore them and let it roll of his back like water off a duck.

He's also having trouble with bedwetting again. I noticed his room smelled of it last night and I asked him if he wet the bed and he acted scared to tell me and then started giving me reasons, like that he was so asleep he didn't know, but I told him not to worry about it, I would change his bedsheets today and wash them. I asked that he simply tell me when it's happened, so I can take care of it and wash any dirty pajamas and covers so he isn't sleeping in it.

I told him it's not uncommon for kids to still slip up, even at his age and sometimes older. He said he thought I would yell at him. I asked why, and whether someone else done so. He said his stepfather has over the weekends when he's slipped up. I know how deeply this kid sleeps and he MAY NOT realize he's wet himself, but that's no reason to fuss and yell at him over it. I think he's going through a phase where he doesn't feel like he belongs at either house because his parents are divorced. My husband said he went through times like that himself growing up divided between his mother and father. :o(

It was after that talk that he started telling me more about being bullied and having all these night scares- I guess you'd call it, where he thinks monsters are hovering over him and stuff. I feel so bad for him, because I know as an adult, it's easy to say, "There are no monsters and nothing's going to get you. This is YOUR room and there's nothing to be afraid of," but for a 9 year old, that's not the easy explanation for what he thinks he sees and hears. He swears the red light on our heater in the bedroom stares at him and scares him and that he was telling a knock-knock joke and tapped on the bathroom door and he heard the heater go "Who's There?" in an evil voice. I told him his imagination was running away with him.

But after we talked a few minutes before he went to bed and said his prayers, he thanked me for talking to him to try to help and he asked if we could have a family round table so he could talk about what's been bothering him. When he got up this morning, he hadn't wet his bed and I asked how he slept and he said a lot better thanks to the talk we had before he went to sleep. I wish it was that simple though to solve it every time. I've always made it clear to him that he can talk to me about ANYTHING, and most the time he will come to me when he needs to talk. Thank heavens for that, though it may not last as he gets older.

Then I slept with my ears perked last night because my daughter's throat was hurting and she was crying out in her sleep and I put a warm washcloth on her neck and gave her some children's medicine for the sore throat. She's asleep on the couch right now because she's not feeling well, even though she said this morning that her throat wasn't hurting anymore. I think it's mostly the weather changes. Like me, her sinuses drain in her sleep when her nose is stuffed up. Hopefully she'll get to feeling better soon though.

It was definitely a busy Wednesday, so I suppose I can't complain since I did get more written than I probably should have considering how crazy everything was.

Since I've got some quiet time, I think I better get through my emails and get some writing done. ;o) Have a great Thursday!

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