Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Over the Hump

I'm climbing over the hump day...Monday I didn't get anything done on my novel...instead I got my Tony Little's Gazelle(FINALLY) that I ordered back in February as my birthday present. I got a workout just from wrestling it around and putting it together! LOL

Yesterday I spent the afternoon alone, since the grandparents took my daughter with them and the other grand kids bowling and I did my Gazelle exercise. I "walked" about 1 1/4 miles. I also did another read-through edit on my novel, checking for misspelled words, things that seemed to be missing, grammatical mistakes, etc. I'm going to finish up the read-through this morning, do some exercise and then dig in and get some more done on my novel.

Funny after I posted Monday about how I wish I had a laptop already, my hubby brought it up yesterday and told me to jot down the things I feel I'd need for it so that he can take care of it the week I'm going to be gone. A shame he hadn't brought it up sooner...I could have taken it with me when I go up to visit my family. LOL

Anyway...I'm off and gone. Happy Writing!


Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, congrats on getting your exercise machine! If I wasked that much, my legs would probably fall of my body. LOL!

Ohh, I'd love to have a laptop, something I could take with me, just so I could go to another part of the house to write. Sometimes, I think I'm sprouting roots in my chair in front of this computer and one day, I'll go to get up and won't be able to. :o)

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Devon. Oh, my legs feel like they could fall off right now, but it's a good kind of sore.

I feel the same way about sitting here at the computer...that I'm going to sprout roots and have to be dug up from right here on the spot! LOL

Hubby's going to talk to our computer guy while I'm out of town this coming week, but he said we'd go look at what the guy has so I can get a feel for the one I want after I get back. Though it will hopefully have internet connectivity, I doubt I'll be using it for that just yet.

I'd have to get the card and then find a service to go through in order to use it. Not sure we can afford that extra expense at the moment. Maybe someday..then I could check my blogs and email while I'm away from home up visiting my family. That would be cool not to have to worry about using my parents computer when I'm there because I'd have my own personal access without interfering with theirs.