Friday, August 17, 2012

All Bets Are On Anthology featuring Remember My Love from @turquoisemorn @FictionWitches #TMPress

$2.99 on Kindle
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Some might say placing (and winning!) a win, place and show bet—a trifecta—is the triple threat of racing, and to the winner goes the spoils. In this Kentucky Derby themed short story collection, All Bets Are On! the trifecta may include romance, mystery and even murder! We’re betting you’ll find a story or two to savor as you sip a mint julep, study the daily racing form, and pick out your Derby hat. We hope you enjoy.

Remember My Love by Cheryl Norman
The Winner by Jan Scarbrough
Going The Distance by Margaret Ethridge
As Luck Would Have It by Christina Wolfer
Glynda’s Dare by Shanon Grey
Whiskey’s Sweet Revenge by Krista Ames

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