Monday, June 18, 2012

Tune in Next Monday- #Author @RobynLeatherman will be with me- Chance at an #Autographed copy- her debut #historical novel ~Summer Rain~

Next Monday, June 25th, I am having a special guest visit from author

Robyn contacted me recently via my website and I was really intrigued by her story about the life of a young Cherokee girl named Rain, as she grows into maturity just as the Trail of Tears begins.

Robyn lives in Arkansas with her husband of 21 years. “I just tried to put myself in the shoes of our ancestors. My husband and I are both Cherokee, and we have imagined the things they must have gone through from what we’ve researched along the way, and from stories told by grandparents.”

I'm honored to have her joining me for an Author Q&A, like on my Tuesdays with Taryn, but in addition to visiting, she's also going to share an excerpt from her recent debut historical fiction novel-

Summer Rain
Getsikahvda Anitsalagi
(The Removal of the People)
 (cover image takes you to Amazon)
She's going to give away 1 free autographed copy to one lucky commenter!
So, in the meantime, please go visit Robyn's site (click on her name at the top) to find out more about what Robyn's up to, history about Cherokee life and their language, Tsalagi, and her novel, Summer Rain. Then tune in next Monday and say hello to Robyn. I'm sure she'd be happy to answer questions and chat!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this opportunity, Taryn! I'm excited and know we're all going to have fun. Can't wait to see who will win a signed copy of my book!

Robyn Leatherman said...

Haha that wasn't supposed to be an anonymous comment :)

Unknown said...

Hehe! I just now got to my emails. Totally can't wait for next week and I'm really excited to see who wins as well!