Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 Days and Counting

NaNoWriMo is almost upon us.

I keep thinking- How can I still be this excited about NaNo?

This is the 3rd year I'll be participating and I'm still just as antsy and eager and nervous and thrilled as I was the first year I attempted it- thinking I wanted it so badly, but didn't think I could possibly accomplish it in just a month.

And then I did.

And then I did last year, too.

It blows my mind to think that 2 years ago, before NaNo started, I had barely finished my first novel. Since my participation in NaNo, I've written 7 more novels and this will be number 9 I'll be working on during November.

Of course, Halloween is the night before and we're taking the kids trick or treating. My baby girl is going as a cheerleader and stepson is going as Darth Vader. Hubby's going as a zombie and I'm going 80's retro- big hair, bright make-up, funky clothes.

It's sure to be "interesting" to say the least. Much as I don't want to take time away from the start of NaNo- we've got to go grocery shopping Saturday (since our normal grocery day is Friday night, but that's the night of trick or treat) and we're going to drop the kids off with hubby's mom in the afternoon so we can get what little is left of the Christmas shopping done.

Yes- we're ahead on the shopping this year. I've got a lot of stuff ordered on the net, so I'll be having to keep an eye out for all the items arriving over the next few weeks.

I've also gotta straighten my daughter's room and get it organized. My cousin is giving us a twin size bed for her that is in storage at the moment. I've already ordered a brand new Tinkerbell bedset for it and I'm hoping we'll get it before the holidays.

I also have to go through my closet and pull some stuff out that needs to be put in the basement because it's just taking up space in my closet and plus I need to make room to hide presents this year. Last year I used the spare bedroom to hide all the presents- This year my stepson was moved into the spare room and daughter was moved to his old room, so the spare room is right out in the open in the middle of the house. Kinda hard to hide stuff in plain sight.

So, amidst all the stuff I need to get done this weekend, I've also got to fit in time to write. Can I do it? Oh, I'll find a way...No doubt.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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