Monday, October 27, 2008

Working a Playlist

I'm trying to build a novel writing playlist for my NaNovel. I've does this before when writing other novels and am trying to find songs- albeit I have a rather large collection of older CDs- it's hard to find "just the right" songs. You make do with what you have though, right?

For the variety I'm going to my NOW and Totally Hits CDs. There are a lot of songs I've got on cassette that would work, but well- can't rip them to the computer the way I can CDs.

I've also been searching online for pumpkin carving stencils because Chris's mom bought him and Koty both a pumpkin and rather than let them sit on the porch and rot- I told the kids they could pick a design and while they're at school I'll carve them so we can put a candle in them and they'll get to enjoy them for a little while.

Got homemade beef stew going in the crockpot this chilly morning and plan to make some yeast rolls after while. Might attempt making clover rolls, but not sure yet. They would be cute.

After I get the song playlist laid out, I'm going to spend more time working on the bare bones of my novel and get more ideas on the page so I have plenty to go on. Of course, you can't start writing even the first page until November 1st, but the more ideas and plot lines I can think of, even if they don't make it into the novel, the better. I'm shooting for the 50K for my 3rd win, but I'm aiming for the novel to actually come out somewhere around 80-85K total on word count.

A continuation of my prior four book series about the sisters- this novel will pick up the beginning of the stories about the four brothers of the hero in the 4th in the first series. Did that make sense? LOL It sure was a mouthful!

Hope you have a great Monday! Stay warm!

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