Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Many Thoughts...So Little Time

My head is abuzz with so many things right now. Autumn has truly settled upon us. It was 44º this morning- Brrr... I feel the surge of energy, the need to nest and prepare for warm, cozy hibernation in the coming winter months.

My thoughts are turning to NaNoWriMo, holiday decorating, gift shopping, mailing cards, the kids' birthdays, days spent with loved ones with good food and conversation- everyone talking over everyone else. Can we say I've got the end of year jitters? LOL

That's not a bad thing- I'm just full of an energy- ebb and flow of the excitement that always greets me this time of year.

I've already made my donation to NaNo and ordered my shirt for this year. Can't wait to get it!

I've been trying to sort through ideas for the kids and hubby for gifts for Christmas. Hubby isn't so hard- it's dividing the kids lists among the grandparents. My mom doesn't really care if I make a list and doesn't really follow it if I do. Hubby's mom tends to follow the list and then add more that WASN'T on the list. Hubby's dad- they sometimes get the suggested items and sometimes they get what they find. It's tough to get through to all the grandparents that they don't have to go overboard- especially with big items. We prefer smaller ones- CDs, DVDs, books, etc. Stuff that's not going to take up what little space the kids have left in their rooms.

We'll see how that goes. My daughter's room is a disaster zone as it is and she's not willing to give up any of the toys she has. And this year she's really hoping to get my old Barbie RV for her dolls from me as part of her birthday present. Now just a matter of me figuring out what she can do without in her room in order to make room for that thing! Haha!

Busy, busy, busy...I need a nap! LOL

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