Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Floating Adrift on the Writer's Block Sea....

I'm frustrated.

The seas of writing have calmed
Have been calm for quite some time
I'm left~ floating adrift
As words and inspiration swim away
Gone is the exhilaration of surfing the writing wave
I'm stranded on my board
In the middle of the open waters
The sharks of self-doubt circling around me

The sun beats down
Warming me
But inside I feel an emptiness
Frigid and stinging
A longing mixed with trepidation
When shall the waves rise again
And carry me away on another wild ride?

I lay back
Close my eyes
And slumber
Desperate to capture
Just a fragment of creativity
It sloshes over me
But quick as a flash
The droplets bead off
Or evaporate in the heat
Before I can reel them in

No islands in sight
~No safe harbor~
I cannot even wash ashore
So I continue to float out to sea
Waiting for the next tidal swell
To hoist me from the doldrums
And carry me through
The suffocation of my voice

~taryn raye

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