Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stalled Out

Yep, I've stalled out on writing. It's been a while since I've even thought about my novel. But this time of year gets really busy and crazy. School is coming to a close at the end of this month, so there's always those end of school activities that I have to keep up with, what days to put sunscreen on my stepson or to make sure comfortable shoes are wore, etc.

Spring is still tauting me to be outdoors, especially when my daughter gets up and starts begging to go out as soon as it's even slightly warm. Gardening and flowers are occupying my thoughts, when to put the garden veggies out and where am I going to plant my moonflower and my other packet of morning glories. I need to put marigolds around the outskirts of the garden.

I'm still doing my exercise on the Gazelle every day, twice a day. I'm up to doing 3 miles a day total. No significant weight loss yet, but its only been a month and I think I'm seeing more toning than anything at the moment.

I got a new stove with the ceramic/glass top smooth surface. My other one was overheating and making the kitchen into a boiler room when I cooked, then the rest of the house would feel hot as well. It's hard telling what that was doing to our electric bill.

As for writing...I'm giving myself time. For the first four months of this year I wrote almost non-stop. I need to revive, refresh and rejuvenate. I do have some ideas, they just aren't meshing well in my head enough to get them down just yet and I have a lot on my mind. I need to make peace and quiet~ serenity~ a priority and pull it to the forefront right now.

The inspiration and the writing will come when its supposed to, I'm sure. For the time being, I will do the things that need to be done, work through what's weighing on my mind, and try to relax and just take it all in. When the time is right, I'll write.

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