Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something I Found...

Not sure what this was from or what I was working on when I wrote it, but it was from June 6, 2000- almost like a journal entry of some sort....or maybe from a self-help workbook or something. Mind you, this was from almost 8 years ago...GEEZ!!


When I write, I picture what my life could be like if I could have the things I feel expressed so poetically that they touch the hearts of all who may read it. When I write, I feel hope in my heart that I have a talent worth sharing with others and touching on a part of their lives the way other writers have touched mine. I want to give back, in a sense, what I have gained and share my feelings and emotions and viewpoints to prove to myself that what I feel is not just that of a SINGLE PERSON, but the feelings and heart of many other people.

I write to escape that sadness and loneliness I sometimes feel, to put into words that I can see, in my own writing, so that I don't feel like a huge ball of confusion. I write to express the pain and agony I don't know how to say with my lips, tongue and vocal cords.

On paper, I can rant and rave and tell people how I really feel without having to look them in the eye or see into their hearts and not see a reflection of my weakness staring back at me. When I write, I feel more concrete and realistic in the way I view the world.

When I write, I feel more and more little pieces of myself (surfacing) I didn't know were there. When I write, I find ME.
Funny how I don't think I would express myself exactly that way nowadays, but the general idea is there, so I suppose my feelings about writing have always been strong in the foundation of it being what makes me, well...Me.

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