Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#WIPlash Wednesdays~ There'll Be #LoveSongs...#MusicalMusings

♫Have love songs ever inspired an idea for a book?♫
I honestly can't think of any songs that have directly inspired any ideas for my books, though music is part of my writing. Generally it plays more of a secondary role, almost a persona of its own—it is part of the flow and undercurrent that plays in the background like a soundtrack to the movie playing in my head.

If there were any song that has been inspiration, in general, it would have to be Sara Bareilles' One Sweet Love.

I have actually used that song during the writing of several of my books because it depicts the main theme of all my stories and that is the eternal desire we all have to either find true love or our soul-mate and it expresses the hope that it hasn't already been found and lost without realizing it.

Music is a good medium for drawing forth strong emotions. sometimes all it takes is a song's handling of a topic or lyrics that speak straight to the heart of you to move you to tears of joy or heartache. Music is a vessel through which we experience new and old emotions. We are reminded of our youth, that first crush, the first kiss, the first heartache. It can provoke memories of the first kiss we had or our wedding day, the moment we realized we were truly in love.

Music opens up those parts of us—those portals—that can take us back in time or remind us of what we've lived through. That's probably why I enjoy having playlists of music while I write that, for me, defines the characters and the emotions that are embedded in my storytelling. Music is an audible way of storytelling and when meshed with my written word, it embraces the living flow of feelings that emerge.

There might not be a song which has inspired a certain story, but there are plenty of songs that are woven into the fabric of what I write.

I can't hear certain songs without thinking of certain characters or scenes because even when I read back what I've written, I can still hear the melody—the soundtrack—even when I'm not listening to the music.

Have a great Wednesday! Write On!
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Peggy Henderson said...

I completely agree with this. Two of my books have a "theme song", a specific song that became integral to the story I was writing. Each one of my books has a sound track, a list of songs I would listen to, especially to draw out certain emotions. I was completely lost at the beginning of my last book, when I couldn't find a theme song for it. After I found the song, the writing flowed.

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks for stopping by Peggy. Sometimes that theme song is elusive, but it's a wonderful feeling when you know you've found it.