Saturday, March 10, 2012

SCENTsational Saturdays- #Color my World- #WaterMarbling

It all began with this little video, that I had seen Ms. Linda Wisdom post on FB, about water marbling nail art.

I LOVE painting my nails, especially when they're long and make me feel sexy like a heroine in a novel, so...Here's the little tutorial that started it all----

The crazy hobby/habit has begun- So, using filtered water (though I've heard filtered/distilled works best), I've been playing around with this "water marbling" nail polish art for about a month or so.

It has spurred my habit of buying crazy amounts of nail polish into overdrive as well. I love nail polish in all kinds of colors. I've been known to wear a different color on every nail or in opposing colors, also known as color blocking. I have a penchant for blues in every varying shade, but also love anything glittery or iridescent and shimmery pearl. I love nail polish more than jewelry and shoes, cause that's just not my thing. Polish is right up there with my fragrance collection.

So...This past week, I bought several new colors, blues, greens, reds, pinks, purples...but I decided on Tuesday to give myself a little Kentucky Wildcat flare by using simply white and a very dark blue.
Gathering my accessories box- I had my cup of water (I bought these cups at WalMart- cheap plastic versions of Dixie cups- I should have splurged on the paper cups as I found that if even 1 small droplet of polish hits the outside of the cup, it will EAT a hole in it. Fortunately, I found this out at the very end of this polishing session when I'd just finished the last nail and realized a drop of white that fell on my towel had created a HOLE in the bottom of my cup! Yikes)-

I had my pointy wooden stick- you got to have something with a nice pointy end to scoop that excess polish off the water surface, but just a note to ANYONE who plans to try this: Don't get those wooden "orange" nail sticks. I found a 4-pack of those in the health and beauty department at Wal-Mart for 88 cents. Later, while I was looking for a new skillet, I noticed a bag of "corn skewers"- I have those cute little "corn on the cob handles" but then I discovered you can buy these little wooden skewers to use instead- How much? I got a bag of 50 for 97 cents. So, I opted for getting more bang for my buck.

Make sure you have cotton balls and q-tips and polish remover and tape for taping off your fingers and the towel for wiping off excess from your wooden stick.

I started with clean nails and a base coat of plain white. So I let that dry and then prep my tape strips for my fingers along the edge of the kitchen table, 10 short strips and 10 that are long enough to wrap the end of my finger so I don't end up with a finger completely covered in nail polish when I'm done. (taping tutorial below)

(I've been using duct tape as I have no scotch tape on hand.)

Now it's on to the water marbling-
Swirling in a pattern- I go with random patterns right now and figure I'll begin to perfect it over time to having similar patterns on all fingers as I get better at this.
After dipping each nail, doing clean up with q-tips and polish remover, Voila! The finished product below-

Hope you have a SCENTsational and SPARKLY Saturday, Lovelies!

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