Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Ideal #Writer's Cave- My #FortressofSolitude #Writing #Officespace

All writers want that "Cave" a writing space that's just for them, where their stories can come to life in a setting that suits their personality, their own style- a place where they can write in comfort. Most of us, especially starting out, don't have that luxury, but boy oh boy do we dream about it. At least, I do.

As a wife and mother, I don't really have too many areas in the house that are just mine. I can't take up residence in the only room I can ever have completely to myself- the bathroom. Truth is, after having my daughter, I've not even had that room to myself completely in years!

But between mine and my husband's bedroom, each of the kids', a spare/JUNK room, the kitchen and living room, I don't technically have a room to call my own. I'd take over the spare room, but, where would I put the "junk," the extra bed, the Christmas decorations, etc? Besides, what writer wants a room without a single view?

My ideal writer's cave would be nothing without floor-to-ceiling bookcases, built into at least one wall, and this picturesque view with the window seat, surrounded by books is exceptionally nice. Yeah, I'm there, in my mind....Color scheme would definitely come into play as well. I've looked at images all over the web of home offices and realized that, though I like the idea of classic wood bookcases and hardwood floors, I found myself drawn more to a white, blue and black theme. Here I go again with the blue and black, though I could go for shades of lavender or possible sage.

I didn't find a desk image that suits me, but for that, I would simply want basics, something perhaps in black, that would have space enough for my laptop, paper and writing supplies, perhaps storage or file drawers. Something that could house my essentials.

Shelf space would be a must, or decorative areas where I can put my writing totems, like my fairy figurines and other trinkets like my cats and blown glass roses. On the walls I'd like space to put up my inspirational posters, or butterfly decals and wall art. I love this little item I saw on I'm tempted to order it now for later on down the road.
I'm especially fond of this wall border, which we actually do have in our house, in my stepson's bedroom. Originally his room was going to be my spare bedroom, so I painted the walls a soft powder blue and put up this border of Nantucket Hydrangeas.
I love lilacs and butterfly bushes, for obvious reasons, so any of them would work for border or decoration. I like this very rustic window seat with the lavender walls and cushions.
That's one thing I would definitely love—a bay window, with a seat- a place where I could enjoy the view of my yard- a spot to place a Christmas tree in December or just have a wonderful view any time of year- bright summer mornings, listening to the birds outside, cool autumn mornings sipping hot coffee looking out over a blanket of gold and brown leaves, or sipping cocoa while it snows. I do like the looks of the room below, but I'd have to have curtains over those windows, perhaps with tie-backs, and the sage walls are warm and inviting, but it still feels like a living room, rather than a writer's space.
Another accent I would love to have would be a fireplace. Isn't this image below lovely in the shades of white and blue?
It just begs me to come sit in that window seat and decorate that mantlepiece with garland and Christmas lights and decorations. I like the blue of the walls, but would probably go with a much softer shade myself, perhaps, more like in the next image. Isn't this just a lovely sitting area? I could totally see using it for a reading nook, curled up under a soft blanket.I think that's the biggest thing for me, is that I want a room that is warm and inviting, something that would not only inspire me, but would represent who I am. Perhaps someday, I'll be able to design a room of my own, fill it with my writerly things and truly be able to enjoy it.

The truth is though, all writers have their thing- some can write anywhere, some need that special space, but all of us work with what we have because it's not about the place you write but what you write and the most important writer's space you have is that wide open space in your mind. So, for now, I'll drift off to my dream writing cave, enjoy the solitude of my imaginary office, but then I'll get back to work.


Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, those pictures are dreamy gorgeous! I'm lucky, I guess. Years ago, when hubby started taking me seriously about this writing stuff, we converted a never-used dining room into my office. I love it! I've got six foot tall bookcases around two complete walls, two small wing chairs with a little round table and reading lamp between them in front of a big window overlooking the front yard. Plus I've got my computer desk and an old wooden desk hubby refinished with my swivel chair between them. This is my confort zone. My retreat, and I dare anyone to try and take it away from me again. ;)

Taryn Raye said...

All I can think is, someday, maybe when the kids are grown and gone from the house, I might be able to take one of their rooms and convert it to my office. I don't know if I would do that though. It would definitely be nice to have a place that is all mine.

You're sounds wonderful! You ought to do a blog post about your writing space. I'd love to see some pictures.