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Tuesdays with Taryn
with a very sexy twist-

Please help me welcome Madison J. Edwards to my blog today as she shares with us how she became a writer and a very sexy excerpt from According To Plan.

About the Author

The Prairie dust is in my blood, but no longer on my shoes.

Having grown up around ranchers and farmers, I always assumed I’d become a farmer’s wife, raise the requisite four boys, and make sure there was always enough pie at community social functions. Imagine my surprise when I found myself married to an Air Force pilot, moving around the country every two years on the government’s ticket and my family of four boys was decreased by two.

With hubby deployed all over the world, I became father and mother. I soon discovered, with two active, thriving, can find trouble anywhere – did I mention active? – boys that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Boo yah. Ask my sons. Don’t mess with the Mama.

My sons and I survived. They’re now grown, with families of their own, and I finally had the chance to pursue my dream, which was to put fingers to keyboard and write a book. January 25, 2011 I sold my manuscript, According to Plan, to Turquoise Morning Press.

What have I discovered through all this? Choices make you who you are. More often than not, we find ourselves not at a crossroad, but a frickin’ freeway exchange. My crossroad decision was – should I take that job? I’m glad I did, because somehow I found myself living in a town, near an Air Force base….

According to Plan

What do you do when things don’t go According to Plan? For starters, you’d trick, deceive, and lie to the very person who’d ruined your best laid plans.

Welcome to the world of Shelby Stewart, P.I., who’s been hired to find Harrison Grant. To complicate matters further, her ex-partner, ex-lover, ex-everything Tank has shown up looking for Harrison as well, albeit for a very different reason. Harry is the prime suspect in the grisly murder of a call girl, Lulu, in L.A.

That wouldn’t be so bad, but Tank plans on staying at her house, and has made it obvious he’s quite willing to help her heat the sheets, again. Shelby knows that sex with Tank is dangerous, fast, and sometimes a little dirty. Now is not the time to become side tracked. Besides, this job could launch her company into a whole new stratosphere, so it’s imperative she remain focused on the job at hand.

Frustration becomes Shelby’s newest partner as she makes plans to out manoeuvre Tank in their parallel quest. Tank on the other hand, always seems to be one step ahead of the game, and is not what, or who Shelby thought.


He stood behind me and placed a hand on either side of my body, effectively boxing me in against the pool table.

"Loosen your shirt babe, I think you're time has come." He drawled against my heated cheek. Ripples of anticipation careened through my midsection as he dropped a kiss behind my ear.

In dumb horror I watched while Tank picked off all his remaining balls, making it look easy. With cocky confidence, he called and sank the eight ball in the side pocket.

Because Tank won, he’d get what he wanted. If the tight bulge in his jeans was anything to go by, he wanted me... now. I was so screwed; figuratively, and soon to be literally.

What went wrong? I have always played pool better than Tank. This was not supposed to happen. From nerveless fingers, he took my cue stick and leaned it against the wall.

"Come here." He pulled me against his chest, the ridge of his erection hard and implacable against my stomach.

Head lowered, my forehead touching his chest, I whispered. "How did this happen? I've always won at pool."

"Yes, because I always let you. It was more fun that way."

I couldn’t stop the shivering when his fingers blazed a trail down my back and warm hands grabbed my hips and bare cheeks, leaving a fiery imprint. Pushing one leg between mine, pressing against my sweet spot, there was no mistaking his intentions.

"Do you want it hard and fast, or soft and slow?" His deep voice, thick and heavy with desire, flowed over me.

"Yes." I whispered.

God help me. I wanted it all.

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Krista Ames said...

Oooooh that's a really good excerpt! Great post ladies!

Taryn Raye said...

Isn't it awesome?

Sorry I haven't been around today! Yesterday it was a trip to pick out a new push mower- today we realized our kitchen window A/C was shot and had to go get a new one. Wondering what else we could possibly have to get...