Monday, March 19, 2012

#MemoryLane Monday- #MyMom #MyCheerleader #Writing #Encouragement

One of my biggest cheerleaders is my mom. When I've felt discouraged or disappointed or lacking, she's my go-to who reminds me I can do anything, be anything, and fusses at me not to give up, especially on my writing.

As a teenager, I lacked a lot of self-confidence. I'd had the problems with school and the tragic loss of my grandfather as well as my weight issues, but after dropping out of school and taking home-school, I also became even more withdrawn and reclusive. I did go a few rounds with typical adolescent depression, probably compounded by the other circumstances in my life, but my mom talked to me—always keeping the lines of communication open—even when I'd rather have shut myself up in my room and pretended I didn't exist. She wouldn't allow me to wallow in self-pity and dislike and she took on the job of being my own personal cheering squad.

When I decided I wanted to be a writer—well, I knew for a long time, but when I told my parents it was something I wanted to pursue seriously, they gave me a Smith Corona word processor/typewriter, a lot of 3 1/2 inch disks and several books marketed to writers and toward the industry (one in particular was The Romance Writers Pink Pages) for Christmas when I was 17.

I dug out the old instructional typewriter book my dad had from his college days and taught myself the basics of typing, while my parents each gave me encouragement in their own ways.

My mom's way? Unadulterated encouragement and praise—

"You can do this."
"You're a born storyteller."
"You've always had a way with words."
"I believe in you."

The best by far was when she told me to hit "send" in my email in February 2011 to submit Castaway Hearts to Turquoise Morning Press- my very first submission. Then she told me she expected me to get published in HER lifetime, because she wants to be able to say "My daughter is a published author."

"I want to see your book and hold it before I'm dead."

I love her to pieces and I'm not sure she'll ever know just how important she is in my life. I tell her, but she brushes it off, never taking me too serious, but maybe one of these days she'll understand what her encouragement means to me. Though I doubt she'll see this blog, I just want to say-

I love you Momma!
Thank you so much for all you've done for me and
every supportive word you've ever given me.


Devon Matthews said...

That's a great picture of the two of you.

Taryn Raye said...

Thank you!