Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Noveling, Sick Kid, Surprise Contact and a Birthday

Well, after I crossed the 50K mark, I slowed down- didn't write the day after cause I wasn't feeling well. Yesterday I wrote about 500 words, but that was it. I'm feeling sluggish, have a sick kid at home with me today (daughter has slight case of bronchitis and doctor excused her to stay home today to recoop after hubby had to go get her from school yesterday with a 102.7ยบ temp and complaints of a sore throat).

This morning though, a surprising message awaited me in my email. A friend request for Facebook from a dear old friend. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it! I haven't heard from him in years, but apparently he found me, so it's a good thing I left my facebook up even though I rarely even bother with it.

I had been thinking about him, knowing I didn't have his new address to send him a Christmas card this year (or for the past few) hopefully he and I will be able to keep in touch now. I've sure missed him. He's my bud and once upon a time he was my very best guy friend.

Today is also my best friend's birthday- so Happy Birthday, Arlene!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Well, I'm going to tend to my sick child and maybe get her to rest some more (5 y/o's don't get the whole "get some rest" stuff..LOL) Then I'm planning to work on my novel some more.

Have a good Hump Day!


Magdalena Scott said...


I know you probably hear it all the time, but enjoy these days. Even though she's sick, you're still making memories with your daughter--by being with her--that you will look back on with a smile, and a tear, all too soon.

Magdalena (whose baby is in college)

Unknown said...

Thanks Magdalena! Ain't that the truth? Seems only yesterday I had her and in less than a month we'll be celebrating her 6th birthday. The teens don't seem that far away anymore!