Monday, August 20, 2007

Pen to Paper, Fingers to Keyboard...

For the past week or so I've been avoiding...avoiding writing that is. I finished my 3rd novel, a historical romance with paranormal elements. I'm still waiting on two books I ordered to help me research the time period, because for what it's worth, my novel is done, other than double and triple checking that I have my historical facts straight and doing revisions and polishing.

I'm nervous. Anxious. What have you.

I'm feeling overwhelmed today. I feel the rustling in my heart...the rustle of change, the quiver of jitters that tell me that something big is about to happen. I tend to sense things emotionally and physically.

Maybe it's just a change in the moon or planets, I don't know. But I feel almost nauseous and that tells me it's a big change. Now I could be wrong, but I can usually trust my gut instincts.

This morning, after avoiding writing for so long, I feel the need to open my file. It was the first thought that crossed my mind this morning as I climbed out of the bed. And that says something to me. I've given myself a cool off period and maybe it's time to open 'er back up and see what I need to fix, what I need to do to polish my baby up as much as possible before I send her out into the world alone.

Maybe not pen to paper, but I need to put my fingers to the keys today, in another way than to blog and send email. I need to do this. I have to do this. It's tugging at my heart...begging my soul to come play with it and do the best I can to get it down just right enough to submit it.

Now, see, this is the hard part for me. I have a few historical novel ideas, but more contemporary, and I'm dreadful about research. I'm just not that good at it. LOL I know I've heard that you should pick a genre and stick with it, find your writing style and don't try to do something that's "out of your element." But the thing is, though most of what I write IS contemporary, the few ideas for historicals I have nag at me, wanting, NEEDING to be told and I can't turn my back on them.

It does give me pause to wonder if I could sell all my stories under the same name, or if I will have to pen them under different names on account of their genre. I guess I'm really putting the cart before the horse, especially since I haven't yet gotten up my nerve to share my work with anyone other than my mom and I haven't sent out any query letters or anything as yet.

I think I will put these worrisome thoughts off till another day for now and pop open my file and go through it.

Hopefully the anxiousness of this morning will pass quickly and I'll be feeling like myself again in no time. Have a wonderful day of writing....Pen to paper or fingers to keys. May it all come swiftly and easily.


Devon Matthews said...

Holly, if your writing is anything at all like your blog posts, I'm sure you'll do great! :o)


Unknown said...

Thank you Devon!