Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Holiday Wind Down

Yesterday I took down all the decorations in the house other than both the kids' little trees in their room and all the lights and bows outside except for my solar snowflakes, my wooden snowman lawn decoration and the greenery under each from window. I had a momentary lapse of melancholy though after the fact, but I realized it was time to face the fact that "when it's over, it's over." At least for 2008. It won't take long before it will be coming back around to the holidays again. This year will fly by- just like the last one did.

My husband moved the rocking chair, the cat tower and my Gazelle back to the living room. I finished reading Ladies of Legend: Finding Home and loved all four stories. This morning I ordered the two-in-one book of Janet Eaves' stories from the anthology along with Magdalena Scott's The Blank Book and Jewel's new cd Perfectly Clear because I love the song "Stronger Woman" but also because I love Jewel's music. I have 3 of her cds, but there's also 2 others on my list I'd like to get from several years back cause I never did get them.

Of course, my TBR pile doesn't seem to be getting's growing. LOL I just don't have the time to read them all right now, but I will. Eventually...

I'm tired this morning, sitting here yawning my way into the first weekend of the new year.

We've been shopping at Save A Lot the past two weeks and it seems we've been saving at least $100 a week from what we spent every week at our regular grocery store. Of course, we've not been buying nearly as much as we normally would have at the other store either. It's nice to see the lower total after our groceries are rung up though. So we're transitioning to spending less and accepting the changes we're making in the items we buy.

There are bound to be a few items we'll have to shop elsewhere for, simply because SAL doesn't carry them, but that's all right, too. We were spending way too much at the other place. I also like the atmosphere at SAL, but probably because I worked at the one in Lawrenceburg for over a year before I moved here. It's more down home and I'm reacquainting myself with their items- items I used to be fully aware of because I didn't just run a register- I stocked shelves and took care of order paperwork and such.

It's one of the changes I thought about as part of our goals for this year, but I forgot about it when I posted my blog about the goals I'd like to set for this year. But saving money is another good thing to do this year considering all the economical problems we're facing this year. Saving it and paying off our credit cards and other bills.

Much as I want to get back into writing- and finishing- my 9th novel, I think I'm going to hold off till Monday when things REALLY get back to normal though, unless I can find a quiet moment to stick my head back into the file and figure out where it's going next.

Hope everyone has a good day. Much as I shouldn't I might just lay down and rest a bit. The allergy medicine I took this morning is making me drowsy and on top of that, it's been a long holiday. Hope everyone had lots of fun, were safe and are recooperating and getting some much needed rest before we get back into the groove of things.


Magdalena Scott said...


So glad you enjoyed LADIES OF LEGEND: FINDING HOME. I'm happy to be in your TBR pile with THE BLANK BOOK, too! ;)

I shop for groceries at a lower priced place much of the time. I also shop Dollar General. My mindset is that I can save money on staple items, which will leave more money for whatever splurge comes along...

Have a nice nap.

Maddie James said...

Taryn, I love Jewel, too. In fact, I pulled out her Spirit CD the other day and realized how much I love her songs. I know it's an old one but I still like it. I need to get a newer version.

So glad you liked Finding Home. :)

Getting back to normal is always a good thing, isn't it? My normal is back to the job and somehow I'm dreading it... I'd rather be home writing!