Saturday, January 17, 2009

The End is Approaching

I got the two chapters added to the beginning of the story and I'm doing read-through edits to make sure things line up and nothing is out of place as I work my way back toward finishing this novel. I'm nearly there! Yay! About 5% to go.

Soon I'll be able to move on to edits and beefing up my other novels. Just a matter of getting myself woke up. This cold weather is destroying my motivation.

How is that possible?

Because we have to use space heaters in our home and since the temps have been dipping so low into the single digits, with wind chills in the negatives- the heaters, fully cranked up, are struggling to keep things even just coolish warm, especially in this old drafty house. So I've been wearing layers- indoors...

The other day I wore two pair of socks, two pair of pants, two shirts and I was still cold. The disadvantage of wearing so many layers indoors? It makes me uber-sleepy.

I'm not talking, "I FEEL like I could take a nap." I'm talking- I AM taking a nap- sitting up- right in front of the computer. I can't stop yawning and can't keep my eyes open AT ALL because I'm bundled up so warmly it's like I'm drugged and sluggish and the chill still creeps around my ankles and the cold slithers into the marrow of my bones. A numbness takes over and all I want to do is hibernate! LOL

Doesn't make for a productive writing day, to say the least. Instead, I groggily find my way to the couch, huddle under a throw blanket and nap for at least an hour and a half. If I try going without layers I'm still done in by shivers and the desire to hover over the heater instead of concentrating on what I should be doing.

I piled about 7 blankets/comforters on my daughter's bed last night to make sure she stayed warm. I put our thick comforter on our bed- on top of the quilt, the vellux blanket and sheets. I still wore socks, pants and a long sleeve shirt to bed, even with all that on the bed. I huddled and shivered and fussed and grumbled in my mind about the bitter cold that I couldn't seem to get away from.

I told my husband they should make bed sheets out of those fuzzy vellux blankets. Seriously- a fitted sheet as well as a flat and pillowcases. That would be wonderfully warm on long cold winter nights. Like being hugged by a big teddy bear. Probably better than flannel... If only!

Hope everyone is staying warm this weekend and are still able to stay productive in their writing or whatever else you might have going on!


lilmoose said...

Try the fleece sheet sets. They really suck you in to sleep. It's a real struggle to get out of bed every morning. The furry blankets don't help either.

Taryn Raye said...

Ooh..I forgot about the soft fuzzy fleece. We have fleece throws all over the house (mostly the kids' cartoon ones) but it slipped my mind that they do make sheet sets of those.

Thanks for reminding me! Will definitely look into get a set of those.