Friday, January 23, 2009

Lost in Spaaaaace!!!

This week I've kind of zoned out. Not sure why, but I just can't seem to concentrate on the revisions that lay before me. Maybe it's because school was out Monday for a holiday and then Tuesday because of snow, so my entire week was thrown off kilter.

I'm not really stressed out, but I do feel a disconnection with my surroundings and daily events. Maybe it's January Blahs. Everyday goes by in a blur.....

One of those times when you catch yourself staring off into space and realized that your mind is just a complete blank.

Or when you go about your day, doing the routine, not because you were thinking about it, but because it's so deeply ingrained that you don't HAVE to think about it. You go through the motions without realizing that you were even doing it.

Sort like doing laundry. You do it, you know you did, but it's a never ending cycle and whether you did it Monday or today, it's like doing the same thing all the time. That's where I find myself now.

It's been two weeks since I started doing my Gazelle again. So far I've done good to get at least 4-5 miles in a week. Last week I missed one day. This week I'll probably only get 4 miles in again, counting when I do it today, unless I find the motivation to do so over the weekend. Tuesday- with kids home- my plans shifted and I let it slide by without even thinking about it.

Got to get my behind in gear today though and make sure I do it.

I can happily say that I did lose about 1/2 inch in all measurements over the first two weeks of exercise. My weight didn't really shift much, but I just have to keep remembering that it takes time.

I'll muddle through. Perhaps doing the Gazelle in a few minutes might help open and clear my thoughts to get back to revisions today.

Am I the only one "lost in spaaaace?" Anyone else dealing with the "blahs" right now?


Magdalena Scott said...


I guess I've had the "lost in space" feeling, but just hadn't called it that. I highly recommend a brisk walk outside, if you can manage it. I have the right gear to take a walk in almost any weather, and it is great for clearing the mind.

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Magdalena! I might just have to do that. It's actually pretty nice out today.

lilmoose said...

Your blog totally surprised me today. I thought for sure you were referring to the Muppet Show, and it made me laugh. Remember Miss Piggy going into space? It was pretty hoakey then and I'm sure even more so now. I was having a blah day, but you broke it up for me. Thank you!

Devon Matthews said...

Hi Taryn,

I kinda fell into the blahs because of the cold temperatures. But today it was in the 60's! I went outside a couple of times and the sun actually made it feel warm. Tonight, an arctic air mass is moving back in. Oh, well. My mother's been here since before Christmas and she went home to Texas this morning. I'm antsy to get back to writing! :o)

Taryn Raye said...

Oh, yes- Piiiiiggggssss Iiiinnnn Spaaaaacccceee! My kids have a Muppet Show DVD with a few Pigs in Space on it. Still just as hokey. hehe!

Glad it gave you a good laugh though.

All the cold gloomy weather gets to me(unless I'm writing a scene with a setting like that). Hope you're getting a lot of writing done!

Amy Durham said...

It must've been the week to fall into the blahs. I certainly did. Circumstances and real life kept me from my writing. The winter blues kept me from feeling great. Times like these I just want to sleep! But, like everyone else, I'll trudge on through, and eventually find the time and energy again!

Taryn Raye said...

I hope the coming week finds us all more energized and slipping from "Blahs" grip. I've enjoyed some reading time, but where writing is concerned...well, I want to get back to work instead of hovering just above it and trying to pull my boot straps up when I can't seem to find them.