Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deep in the Trenches

Well, I have gotten revisions under way. I started with the first book in my completed 4 book series and so far have only added 450 words to the count yesterday, but also did some corrections on misspellings, bad sentences, etc.

The main thing at the moment is to bulk up the stories that fall short of my desired word count goal. I'm aiming for 85K at this point...for each of my novels. Four of them are within the 70-85K range already, so they will mostly only need a little beefing up, but probably more for grammatical checks for misspellings and errors and punctuation or just crappy writing.

I have one that falls just under 60K and then four others that are all in the 60K range. Those will be the ones I concentrate on first and foremost. Once I get all the word counts around where I want, I'll go back again and start another round of edits.

Of course, I had one child home with me all day from school yesterday since it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and laundry going and a long phone conversation from a friend who needed to talk and get some stuff off her chest, so I tackled revisions between all of that.

Today I've got both kids home since school was closed- because of the snow I think... though not sure why since our snow is only on the grass- not the road...but who knows? Hopefully I'll be able to still get some work done today, even with two kids running around all day.

Back to the trenches, ya'll!

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