Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm on Fire, but Don't Put Me Out Yet!

I'm feeling pretty good today. I slept heavy and deeply last night- first time in a long while, but I almost overslept. Woke up at 5:45 (45 minutes late) but as it turned out, no school, so I have my kids and my hubby home again today because we're supposed to get some icy rain in here shortly, possibly turning to snow flurries a little later this morning.

But there's a reason I slept so good. I'm on fire. At least I was yesterday. I wasn't just burning up, I was feverish.

Something lit a flame under me yesterday and I added 8,000 words to the novel I'm currently working through revisions for. Added about 3 Chapters and WOW! I was thrilled.

Now, normally I can't get anything done with a lot going on around me, but yesterday I had everyone home with me and lots to occupy my mind, but I found a way to lock myself away in my own head for a while and I'm really surprised I didn't singe all the print off the computer keys! :o) My fingers raced across the keys and even with interruptions, I still managed to pull 8K out of thin air when I didn't think there was more I could possibly add to the story. But it's working.

It was like magic dust had been sprinkled over me and it makes me almost teary.

I just wonder if it was a one trick pony or if I can pull it off again today. Figuring in my word count goal, that leaves me just around 6,000 words to add.

I think I can handle that. Even with a houseful.

Happy Writing and stay warm today!


Amy Durham said...

Congrats! Feels good when the fire lights under you... keep up the great work!

Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, your word output always amazes me! Wow! You go, girl!!! I wish I could write that fast. My record output for a single day is one chapter, probably 16 or 17 pages at most. That was a one-time occurrence. If I could do what you do every day, I might actually finish all these books I have started. Keep up the momentum!

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks ladies.

Yep, Amy, it sure does feel good. It's writing days like yesterday I have to remember when there are days I can't seem to get even a sentence down- the type of writing day that inspires me to keep pushing forward and believing that someday all this hard work will pay off.

You keep plugging away, Devon. I KNOW you have a lot more to share with the readers of the world and I'm one of them who can't wait to see more of your books in print so I can gobble them up!