Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Week, A Sick Kid

It's a new week and I'm hoping to get back to revisions. I did get some reading done over the weekend- The Blank Book by Magdalena Scott and just LOVED it. The story, as well as the time I actually got to spend reading! LOL (Such a rarity these days!)

In the meantime, I'm nursing a slightly feverish 6 year old who I kept home from school today because she was running a low-grade fever (99.6º) and complaining of a sore throat off and on since yesterday morning. Hubby is taking her to the doc this afternoon.

On top of caring for an ill child, we also have the impending chance of icy/snowy weather headed this way tonight. From the looks of the forecast, if we do get it, we're in the Ice Storm Warning from tonight at 9pm till Noon tomorrow. Deep in my gut, I have a feeling school may be closed tomorrow.

It's awful, I know, but I almost wish it had hit in here last night.

Crazy right?

But from a mother's standpoint, a day of school missed for inclement weather would have been better than a sick day for my daughter, even if she still has to go to the doctor. LOL That thought is neither here nor there though. She's collected another sick day and that's just that. At least I'm not sitting on pins and needles waiting for a call from school to tell me she's running a fever and they need someone to come pick her up, which has happened the last couple of times she's been sick. Most of hers I believe have been sinus/allergy related though rather than actually having a cold or the flu.

So, my plan today is to take care of my baby girl and attempt to fit in some more revisions during the times that she's resting and asleep.

Chicken soup and grilled cheese will be on the menu for lunch today (though I hope Ramen will suffice since we used the last can of chicken noodle yesterday).

Cheers and good Health and Happy Writing to everyone today.


Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, I hope your daughter is feeling better very soon.

Over here in the eastern part of the state, we're bracing for the ice storm. Ours is supposed to last from this evening through Wed. They've warned us of probable power outages. We have both kerosine and the fireplace, just in case. But if the power goes out--no computer! Wah!!!!

Taryn Raye said...

I got her up and got her to eat some scrambled eggs and a little bit of buttered soft toast. Also gave her some OJ and some warm tea with honey.

Ooh...I hate power outages. We don't have backup--ugh! Would probably have to go to the in-laws if ours were go out.

I'll keep you in my thoughts that it's not nearly as bad as they're calling for! {{hugs}}

Magdalena Scott said...

Taryn and Devon,

I wonder how much of the icky weather will hit here. The roads are already slick from yesterday's sleety snow. We have a gas furnace, a wood furnace, and a gas fireplace insert. But without electricity, none of it is much use. Crossing fingers for all of us!

Hope your daughter is soon better, Taryn. Sounds like our life here when my son was in the lower elementary grades. I feel for ya!

Magdalena Scott said...

Well, there was my first "duh" moment of the day. I was concentrating so much on children being ill, I forgot to thank you for the kind words about THE BLANK BOOK. I'm so happy you liked it!

lilmoose said...

Good luck with the sick baby-I know how that is. I may have sick babies coming up, because I could not get the kids to come in the house. They were outside playing in the 5 inches of snow we got. Both have soaked hands and toes, so they're going in the shower. Supposedly we have more ice and crap coming, so I'm warming up the Kerosun in expectation of a power outage.
Stay warm all!