Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Strep Throat, Icy Trees, Everyone Home, Oh My!

Oh yes...

As of yesterday afternoon...my daughter's diagnosis after the trip to the doctor- strep throat. Amoxcillin for 10 days and alternating Children's Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours until her fever is gone, but seems we took her in early enough it didn't turn to blisters. Simply red in the back of her throat. Truly relieved about that because I know how bad strep throat can get. I used to get them all the time growing up, to the point of the burning, not being able to swallow hardly anything and being miserable. A lot of times I would end up with blisters and a lot of coughing and that in turn meant a lot of busting blisters and blood. Not fun at all.

Woke up to trees and grass having a nice little icy coat on this morning, decked out in all the wintry finery...but you know what that means....school's closed today. I don't think there's any ice on the roads, but then, it's only 6:30 and I've not been outside to see...BRRRRR...would just as soon stay indoors all day.

So I've got one sick kid, though both would be out today anyway since they closed school- so two kids home and my husband decided to take off work today for a little break during the lull at work. I'm glad he can do that. He needs a break.

I did actually get 1,275 words added to my revisions yesterday. Bumped up over the 70K mark- so about 10-15K more to add to beef up this baby. I'm surprised I even got that much added considering all that went on yesterday. Today may be another story.

I never get much done when I have a houseful, but I'm going to give it a shot today. We'll see. ;o)

Hope everyone is staying warm and riding out this weather.


Magdalena Scott said...

Hope your little one feels better soon, Taryn. Have fun with the whole family there today!

(I'm staying in today too. The snow looks prettier from inside the house.)

Devon Matthews said...

So sorry about your little one. Hopefully the early doctor visit and meds will get her well soon.

The roads here are still fine, too. Hubby went to work. The only ice I see are tiny icicles hanging on the wires, and the small branches on trees and bushes are coats and frosty looking. Hopefully, it won't get as bad as we were warned. At least the electric's still on!

Hope you have a productive day!

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks ladies. Girly Girl seems to be feeling somewhat better so far today and has been coloring and listening to her cds.

Hubby and stepson are getting a kick out of the wrestling video game hubby's playing and I've been over here tap-tap-tapping away.

Will have to break to fix some lunch in a bit, but I'm making headway- added over 3,000 words so far! Yay!!