Thursday, April 12, 2012

#GuestBlogging at @ruthjhartman's #Blog #CatTalk

Yes, Cat Talk!
Pleas come by and visit me at Ruth J. Hartman's blog-

R.J Writes

Where I'm talking about my cat Mizzy and some of her crazy antics.

An added note to The Miz's behavior- It would seem, since I've taken the window A/C out in the bedroom, she's become fascinated with being with me most of the day, sitting on my small table, staring out, listening to the outdoor noises- and she's become even more peculiar, as she's trying to develop a friendship with the cat she sees in the mirror on my dresser. I do believe she thinks there IS a cat on the other side. She mews at it a lot, looks at me confused and then tries looking out the window next to the mirror, as if hopeful she'll see the other cat, just hovering there. She's so silly but I love her.

Hope to see you at Ruth's blog! Would love to hear about your cats or other pets!

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